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Shower Shampoo
Gently cleanses, toning the skin thanks to the presence of extra virgin olive oil “Toscano IGP”. Also formulated to respect the structure of the hair; containing wheat proteins which give volume and softness. How to use: Pour into [...] Discover more
Body massage oil
An excellent cosmetic product, complete and effective when applied to any part of the body and for any need. In fact it has an emollient protective action that helps with the unfavourable environmental factors. It is also an excellent softener, [...] Discover more
24H Face Cream
Helps to prevent the onset of wrinkles and the relaxation of your skin. An effective combination of extra virgin olive oil “Toscano IGP” and ginseng phytosome, lipovitamine (A and E) and shea butter, which helps to obtain firm facial [...] Discover more
Nourishing body cream
The particular formulation and the richness of functional substances make it ideal for a real nourishing and emollient treatment. Contains shea butter with moisturizing properties, olive leaf extracts and extra virgin olive oil “Toscano [...] Discover more
Protective hand cream
A fresh emulsion for your hands, nourishing and delicate, using the natural elements to obtain the maximum benefit. Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Toscano IGP” and Allantoin are present in high quantities within the cream. This helps to smooth, [...] Discover more
Gentle face scrub
Lip balm
From nature a first aid for dry and dehydrated lips. A soft texture which on application releases a veil of cream made up of natural butters with emollients, which have soothing and protective properties. Vegetable butter and oils with restructuring [...] Discover more
Roll-on deodorant
Il Deodorante roll-on, con olio extravergine di oliva “ Toscano IGP”, le cui famose proprietà€ emollienti donano idratazione alla pelle. Grazie all’innovazione nelle materie prime cosmetiche, il nostro prodotto non contiene alcool e sali [...] Discover more
Liquid soap
A liquid soap that respects your hands and face. In addition to gently cleansing, it also provides nourishing and toning substances thanks to the presence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Toscano IGP” and active Olive extract in [...] Discover more
Eye contour
Treatment for the eye area prone to sagging. Greatly improves the appearance of the area under and around the eyes, even in the presence of bags or dark circles. Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Toscano IGP” provides an emollient and protective [...] Discover more
Shampoo and Shower gel
Formulated with effective and non-aggressive ingredients, with all the strength of Bamboo and the sweetness of Rice Protein, it is a real burst of energy and washes away tiredness and toxins. Extra virgin olive oil “Toscano IGP” is rich [...] Discover more
Leaves your skin soft after shaving, thanks to the soothing actions of the red seaweed extract, vegetable hyaluronic acid, and the emollient thanks to the extra virgin olive oil “ Toscano IGP”, which helps to soften and keep the shaved [...] Discover more
Spray deodorant
All odours are eliminated, thanks to the antique herb “Equisetum” and pomegranate extracts. Leaving you with a very pleasant fragrance all day. Extra virgin olive oil “Toscano IGP” is rich in emollient. How to [...] Discover more
Super moisturizing face cream
Rich in extra virgin olive oil “Toscano IGP”, and emollient vegetable oils, functional amino acids, antioxidant active ingredients and vegetable silicone, this represents the ultimate solution in preventing skin aging and against [...] Discover more
After gym body cream
A light emulsion to use after having a bath or shower: it gives a pleasant sensation of rehydration and softness to the skin thanks to the action of the moisturizing factor rich in amino acids, and extra virgin olive oil “Toscano IGP”. [...] Discover more
Pre-shaving gel
Ideal for softening facial hair before shaving; it is a non-foaming and highly emollient emulsion, thanks to extra virgin olive oil “ Toscano IGP”. It contains Irish Moss, also called “vegetable collagen” which with its [...] Discover more
Lifting eye contour serum